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"Hi my name is Nicole. I started using Grounding Light natural deodorant. It's truly amazing.

I'm 39 years old and I have suffered from sweating and odor under my armpits since I was 12 years old. Girls, I'm sure you can imagine or maybe know the embarrassment.

I have tried prescription deodorant before I knew what chemicals were in it. It clogged my pores and I ended up with an infection.

I then turned to all natural deodorants. I must have literally tried over 50 ( no joke). Still never found one to help with my odor. I finally came across Grounding Light products and saw there was a deodorant. I thought " why not give it a try". Thank goodness I did. I have been odor free! I actually have people ask me what I'm wearing ( lol) umm, deodorant .

If you have suffered the way I have throughout my life then this is a necessity for you.

Thank you Grounding Light!"

- Nicole C., Babylon, NY