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Lauren Demenus

Nicole C.

"Hi my name is Nicole. I started using Grounding Light natural deodorant. It's truly amazing.

I'm 39 years old and I have suffered from sweating and odor under my armpits since I was 12 years old. Girls, I'm sure you can imagine or maybe know the embarrassment.

I have tried prescription deodorant before I knew what chemicals were in it. It clogged my pores and I ended up with an infection.

I then turned to all natural deodorants. I must have literally tried over 50 ( no joke). Still never found one to help with my odor. I finally came across Grounding Light products and saw there was a deodorant. I thought " why not give it a try". Thank goodness I did. I have been odor free! I actually have people ask me what I'm wearing (lol) umm, deodorant .

If you have suffered the way I have throughout my life then this is a necessity for you.

Thank you Grounding Light!"

Lauren Demenus

Laurie S.

I can’t say enough good things about this amazing company. As a social media influencer I test lots of products on a regular basis, and nothing compares to grounding light products for me. I’ve tried high-end brands and low and brands and continue to use my grounding light products over all of them! Lauren uses essential oils in her products which doesn’t affect myself or my daughter’s supersensitive skin, The products are lightly scented and smell natural not artificial. Lauren packages each item with care and I truly feel like I’m receiving a special gift every time I receive a purchase from her. You will not be disappointed with your order! Thank you so much for creating such lovely products Lauren!

@theglamfarmhouse |