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Lauren Demenus

I remember being five years old in my yellow raincoat and stepping out on a rainy day - being grateful for the smell of the grass and the trees, and how the flowers were being nourished. And that although rainy days didn't "look" pretty, it was still something to be grateful for.  'Til this day, gratitude anchors me in my spiritual practice. I sometimes tend to overanalyze and get in my head about things, but when I come back to gratitude, every worry seems to dissipate. 

I've found that living in a state of gratitude truly helps us to be better people. It's so easy to get caught up in the business of life.. we either find ourselves mindlessly scrolling through social media or we're "too busy" to embrace what's right in front of us. So today, and every day, I hope you take the time to honor the little things. Sip your coffee or tea slowly, love your dog, listen to a loved ones laughter, look someone in the eye and have a meaningful conversation, or, most importantly, take time to honor yourself, and offer yourself gratitude for how far you've come in this beautiful journey.

Love + Light,