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Staying Grounded + Light

Lauren Demenus

When we stay grounded & light, we keep ourselves in alignment with what's best for ourselves. Here are some tips that have helped me stay grounded with my feet firmly on the ground while keeping my heading the clouds.

Make Lists

If you're anything like me, I have a million creative ideas that flow throughout my head all day long. Keep a notebook with you and jot down any ideas for future projects, things you'd like to work on, and how you're feeling. Sometimes just putting things on paper helps us get clear.

Move Your Body

Whether it's a yoga class, dance class, or just shaking it off in the comfort of your own home, move your body! When we move our body, we let go of what doesn't serve us, we connect our feet to Mother Earth, and we get back in touch with our hearts.


Color, Paint, Design... Whatever it is that allows you to create, do that. As children, we would always color, sing, paint, and create art in ways that helped us to connect to our hearts and get out of our heads without even knowing it. 


Whenever I'm in a funk, I diffuse Frankincense to ground myself and come back to my center. There are so many great diffuser blends that can be used to fill your space with sweet aromas and good vibes.


Use sage or palo santo to clear your energy. As you wave the smoke around you, repeat an affirmation that you'd like to invite in. I always come back to "I flow through life with effortless ease" as I clear myself. A lot of times our mind chatter gets in the way. Fill your mind with loving thoughts instead.