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The Future is Shakti


The Future is Shakti

Brenda Villa

The Future is Shakti

Brenda Villa

What an incredible time to be a woman. The collective energy women are releasing into the universe can be felt throughout the world. The strength being shown and shared, the confidence swelling and growing…the determination to direct our lives according to our vision and dedication, to claim our birthrights and power, it’s palpable; it’s energy so clear and strong that if you close your eyes and sink into the flow, you can feel the Divine Feminine’s heartbeat.

This Female Energy has always been, and always will be. That is perhaps why so many before have feared it, tried to control it, contain it, and silence it. Not any more… It’s the source of divine power that encourages you to be all of you, in whatever form that takes. It is the power in your voice when you say yes or no, not on my watch, or watch me thrive. It is the compass guiding you in all aspects of your dynamic life—to inspire others, to leave a legacy.

We are the mothers of the future, the birth-givers of ideas, the leaders of forward-motion, the healers and the brave. The force of energy we possess when we bond together is like no other. Regardless of detours and obstacles we still forage a path.

I am grateful and thankful for the women this year who have marched, spoke up, lent a hand, gave, role-modeled, offered support, dared, and believed. To each woman who brought her unique gifts, her voice, her experience and her presence front and center, to inspire and encourage others and change the world. And even on some days if the world doesn’t seem quite ready for us, trust me—it will adjust. Because the time is now and the empowered female is unstoppable. The Future is Shakti. Devi. Divine. You. Me. Humanity.